About Us

DAE was born from the need for specialist rope access in the signage industry. DAE is the offshoot of Signdraft P/L who have been designing, manufacturing and installing all types of signs since 1990.

In 1998 Signdraft was contracted to undertake one of the most high profile jobs ever undertaken in Sydney’s signage history. Design, plan, manufacture, manage and install “AMP” signage to Centrepoint tower.
This task would require an expansion into Industrial Rope Access to enhance the skills that Signdraft already had.


Difficult Access Engineering was created to provide a solution that included Abseill access to allow us to complete this difficult task. Ongoing works on the Statues and signage utilizing DAE’s specialist access crews, have included the maintenance of the statues for the time they were installed and the control of safety and installation of a safety line systems on the statues for when the removal of the statues took place using an Eriksson sky crane helicopter. Senior first aiders with equipment to remove injured persons if required from this difficult location.

The Centrepoint job cemented DAE and Signdraft as a leader in the Difficult Access industry with many tasks being put forward to DAE to complete by builders with unique requirements.
DAE has some of the most highly trained Rope access staff in the Industry including Level 1, level 2 and the top of the field Level 3 Rope access technicians who are trained in confined spaces works along with hazardous works licenses, First Aid and trade certificates. DAE have completed many jobs in various situations since it’s inception including:

•AMP Centrepoint Signage Installation
•Centrepoint – Maintenance of the Steel Statues for the Olympic Games

•Centrepoint – Removal of Statues after Olympics using Erickson Sky Crane Helicopter.•Pioneering a cementious spray sealant system to seal leaking air risers at 259 George St Sydney – See Case Study attached

•Removal of the Heritage Turret on Fort Dennison for repair by City of Sydney historians. The task was designed, Rigged, overseen and completed by DAE

•Consultancy to many major Building companies on their height safety and roof access systems including Bovis Lend Lease, Grocon,

•Pioneering and developing a cementious concrete spray system to internally coat air risers to prevent air leakage. All done in Confined Spaces and using Abseil Acces

•Installation and maintenance of roof access, Industrial Rope Access and Fall Arrest anchor systems on new and existing buildings

•Manufacture of roof access systems such as ladders, catwalks, platforms, gangways which include integral fall arrest systems

•Façade Surveys to ascertain the condition of various components of a façade system and create reports to allow maintenance and repairs to be done.

•Installation of structural steel, including platforms, building structural steel and confined spaces work.

•Removal and installation of various building equipment and services such as HVAC equipment, Communications and electrical racks and equipment, Backup batteries with massive weight and 50 Tonne Super heaters from Bayswater power station.

•Retrieval of 2 off excavators that were stuck in a 30m deep excavated hole at Scotts Church Sydney. – See case Study and Video attached

•Removal and reinstallation of the Heritage Fort Dennison turret for repair – Again using Helicopter access.

DAE’s skills are wide and varied and can help YOU